Meet the women entrepreneurs of herSTART 2.0

Meet the women entrepreneurs of herSTART 2.0

The second edition of our flagship program for women entrepreneurs just wrapped up! Scroll through to take a look at the top 10 ideas from the program.

  1. Aumsat Technologies LLP

    Founder: Vrunda Maniya
    City: Surat
    Aumsat provides precision-driven satellite-based analytics for determining renewable energy site suitability. Unlike conventional costly and time-consuming methods used in locating potential energy sites, their services can help locate solar and wind energy sites at high precision without being physically present on the field.

  2. Thrifty AI

    Founder: Tanishi Mookerjee
    City: Gurgaon
    The startup is trying to redefine CX with AI humans. AI Humans are AI-powered characters that can see hear and understand customers, recreating “real” human conversation. Every customer is different, so are their needs. The digital people being available 24*7 in 15 languages interact with “Namaste” or in the language the customer speaks on digital platforms just like a real human, bringing the next evolution of Humans and Machine collaboration.

  3. Ecovia

    Founder: Dhwani Mehta
    City: Surat
    The startup is introducing India’s first Packaging-as-a-Service model, helping e-tailers and retailers switch from single-use packaging to reusable packaging. Ecovia provides reusable packaging bags to businesses. Once the end consumer receives their order in an Ecovia bag, they return the bag at any of our network partners like cafes, gyms, etc in the city in exchange for an exclusive discount. They empower consumers to bring about a change by adopting re-usability and circularity in their daily life.

  4. 6E

    Founder: Rudri Pandya
    City: Ahmedabad
    38 Billion Liters of untreated Sewage Water is wasted daily, due to sky-high Manufacturing Operation and Maintenance cost yet inapt quality of Sewage Treatment Plants. 6E uses IoT to make water smartly come back to our houses! It not only monitors feed water quality but also eliminates technological limitations, foul-smelling and the need for manual monitoring. They will be applying data science and Machine Learning to a database to determine usage patterns, servicing time, and optimum function parameters.

  5. Achuk Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Founder: Sona Shah
    City: Ahmedabad
    Achuk – the fire extinguishing composition, has been invented to eliminate large fires and smoke instantly. Achuk offers an innovative solution to the unsolved problems of large fires being faced globally. Achuk fights high-temperature fires up to 1100° C like a forest fire, coal fire, tyre fire, structure fire, fire in synthetic products, marine fire, etc. Their product is safe for the environment, non-toxic and harmless to human, animal and plant life.

  6. BioPot

    Founder: Nidhi Jha
    City: Ahmedabad
    BioPot is developing a biodegradable pot that is made of different types of Agrowaste like cow dung, Sugarcane bagasse, Wheat waste etc. It also contains beneficial microbes which enhance soil fertility and also boost plant immunity. The startup’s biodegradable pot is BioPot, It contains a triple-layer design outer layer is made of cow dung, the Middle layer contains organic polymer coated with Biofertilizer, Biofungicide, Biopesticide and the inner layer made contains sugarcane and Cowdung.

  7. CerboTech Education Private Limited

    Founder: Sweta Prajapati
    City: Anand
    The startup is a Research and Development organization working in the field of Cognitive Assessment and Training. The Cognitive Assessment and Training programs are based on their research in the fields of Neuroplasticity and Brainwaves.
    It uses modern technologies like Brain-Computer Interface Technology and Artificial Intelligence for cognitive assessment and training. Their programs are available in both online and offline Mode and are based on scientifically proven methodologies.

  8. Fititout Solutions

    Founder: Harinii S
    City: Chennai
    The startup proposes to build customized active and standing wheelchair, tailor-made as per user fit with enhanced indoor and outdoor manoeuvrability and affordable to common people in India and are focussing on spinal cord injury, special children and polio people.

  9. Insitu Agritech

    Founder: Anjali Garg
    City: Ahmedabad
    The startup grows plants with no soil, no sunlight, using 90% less water – the exact model NASA embraced to grow food in space. To support conventional Farming practices and also built revolutionizing Urban Farming practices Insitu Agritech developed a plant nutrient solution and Growth Box to naturally boost plant productivity, 60% reduced harvest time, 250 times less space utilized and no seasonal dependencies, combined with IoT. This business model is fit to produce food sufficient for 9 billion people in the coming decade.

  10. Meraki

    Founder: Komal Shah
    City: Bengaluru
    Meraki uses a patented biomedical device, designed to improve the efficacy & efficiency of the conventional surface electrical stimulation therapy for women with urinary incontinence. The optimization is based on the output of a plurality of electronic sensors forming a closed-loop platform that can be used by anyone, at any place & any time, while performing regular activities. Ambulatory use allows it to adapt to the lifestyle of the users & increases the chance of long-term patient compliance.