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Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) is one of India’s leading startup support systems, which has set an unprecedented benchmark by facilitating at zero-cost. Right in the heart of Gujarat University, with an ever-growing infrastructure, 100+ innovative tech and non-tech startups, GUSEC has played a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing the startup ecosystem in Gujarat.

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Since its inception five years ago, GUSEC has overseen the incubation of over 300 startups, seen them grow and graduate. Startups at GUSEC are a closely-knit circuit that also comprises a huge part of the startup ecosystem of Gujarat.

Throughout their tenure at GUSEC, startups have bonded with each other deeply, becoming a community that stands together and has each others’ backs. It is this feeling of togetherness that also prompted many GUSEC startups to launch joint ventures with each other, celebrating success stories, festivals, and the spirit of entrepreneurship together. It’s believed that productivity has a very close relationship with the work environment, and here, it’s both nurturing and positive.

Fablab @ GUSEC

The Fablab @ GUSEC is free to use for incubated startups, and is also open to use for entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, fabricators, students and enthusiasts. Pay us a visit/design your ideas at the GUSEC Fablab by booking a slot below!

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