Accelerator program for tech startups
Build for Bharat using emerging technologies

GUSEC with support of the MeitY Startup Hub, has launched accelerateBHARAT, an accelerator program that aims to provide nimble support for early-stage technology-based startups using emerging technologies.

Build for Bharat and get grants & prize money of up to ₹22 lakhs, along with a host of benefits from GUSEC!

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What is accelerateBHARAT?

accelerateBHARAT is a six-week accelerator program. Around 10 startups will be selected basis the best innovative solutions across a host of sectors and technologies solving challenges of India. These startups will get access to an accelerated mentorship program, access to a number of benefits listed below.

10 startups will also win access to financial assistance where: one (1) startup to get a ₹7 lakh grant; two (2) startups to get a ₹4 lakh grant each; and seven (7) startups to get ₹1 lakh prize money each.

Application window for accelerateBHARAT is now closed as of 11:59 PM IST on November 18, 2020. Shortlisted applications will receive a communication by the first week of December.

Preferred Sectors

Preference will be given to startups and ideas in the following sectors for this acceleration program.


Examples: Using technologies involving Artificial Intelligence for better understanding and analysis of patients and AR/VR devices for better training of medical personnel. Development of health trackers, sensors & wearables for the public, revolutionising drug development, etc.


Examples: Using AR/VR for customising and accelerating people’s learning experiences, cloud computing tech for availing anytime-anywhere accessibility to course material for scholars, technology laced with learning analytics and 3D printing to give students deeper, more interesting insights into their curriculum.


Examples: Using the power of technology and/or novel agricultural techniques involving farm automation, aeroponics and hydroponics to increase crop yields, reduce labor costs and supply chain inefficiency, and also reducing the impact of farming on the environment.

Infra and Transportation

Examples: Tools that increase the efficiency, ease, and safety of the increasing systems of transportation and infrastructure through technologies like AI, ML, data science, etc.

Financial Inclusion

Examples: Tools that boost more digital payment services and market infrastructures, investment management, solutions that expand and ameliorate existing financial services, make digital financial inclusion services more accessible, and boost the spread of smartphone networks and technologies.


Examples: Solutions that underpin development and application of technology while also keeping in mind environmental protection and sustainable development.

Clean Energy

Examples: Innovative tools and solutions that aid the development of clean energy, clean power generation and operation technologies.


Applications of accelerateBHARAT will get a host of support from GUSEC and MeitY Startup Hub, including grants, prize money, cloud credits, accelerated mentorship program, networking, connections, etc.

Grants & Prize Money

One (1) startup to get a ₹7 lakh grant; two (2) startups to get a ₹4 lakh grant each; and seven (7) startups to get ₹1 lakh prize money each.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Opportunity to raise seed funding / funding opportunities through private funding, investor, connects, etc.

Cloud Costs & Online Tools

Cloud credits up to $1,00,000 through GUSEC partners; access to a variety of other online tools such as HubSpot, Telegram, Msg91, etc.

Validate and Pilot

Idea validation through pilot testing access in local communities and regional areas


Networking with a variety of public, non-profit and private bodies such as project-implementing government departments, NGOs and industries


Laboratory and infrastructural support, wherever necessary

Accelerated Mentorship

10 startups to be selected for the accelerator program who shall undergo accelerated mentorship sessions

Preferred Emerging Technologies

Preference will be given to startups and ideas employing the following emerging technologies Building solutions for Bharat.

Artificial intelligence
Machine Learning
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Mixed Reality
Internet of Thing (IoT)
3D Printing

Program Timeline

accelerateBHARAT starts in October 19, 2020. The last date to apply is November 18, 2020, after which a shortlist of startups for the accelerator will be announced in end of November. The six-week accelerator will begin during the first week of December and conclude by mid-January with a pitch & demo day.

Application window starts on October 19, 2020

Deadline to apply is November 18, 2020

Shortlist of startups will be announced by the first week of December.

Accelerator will start by the mid-December and run until mid-January.

Pitch & demo day will be organised as the accelerator concludes to decide the winners of grant and prize monies.

Applications Is Now Closed

Application window for accelerateBHARAT is now closed as of 11:59 PM IST on November 18, 2020. Shortlisted applications will receive a communication by the first week of December.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can apply for this accelerator Program?
The accelerator program for early stage tech startups. Any individual or a leader of a group based in India working on an innovative tech-idea can apply.

What if my startup is not a part of the preferred sectors list?
You may apply but preference will be given to the sectors mentioned in the list. The decision shall be taken by the screening committee.

What if my startup is not a part of the preferred technologies list?
You may apply but preference will be given to the startups using these technologies mentioned in the list.

Is there a deadline to apply?
Yes, all applications must be submitted latest by 11:59 PM on 18th November 2020, after which no applications will be accepted.

What will be the selection criteria?
The selection shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Idea relating to mentioned technologies & sectors
  • Feasibility of the proposed application
  • Scalability of the idea
  • Team background and competence

How to apply?
You can visit: Click on Apply, you’ll be redirected to a form; fill that form, and hit submit.

Can one individual/group of individuals/team/startup apply for multiple ideas?
No, multiple ideas are not permitted.

What are the requirements if I am selected to accelerateBHARAT?
The selected startups will be required to attend the six-week accelerator program, as well as agree to the terms, conditions and rules of accelerateBHARAT detailed here.

What is the timeline of the program?

  • The application window will close on November 18, 2020
  • The shortlisted startups will be announced towards the end of November 2020.
  • The accelerator program will begin early December 2020 and shall continue till mid-January 2021. 
  • The program will conclude with a Demo Day, which will happen at the end of January 2021.

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