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Over 100 startups and innovations are presently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). The following are some of our incubatees:

Aadhya Educare

Founder: Mukherji Maushami

Aadhya Educare is a Digital School that comes with amalgamated details and mentors who provide NCERT and IB knowledge in a distinguished manner.

Advait Theragnostics

Founder: Kamlesh Patel

Keeping in mind India's heavy dependency on foreign manufacturers of disease-diagnosing tech, Advait is developing molecular Diagnostics array for Major Diseases and disorders.

AIMS: Agricultural Irrigation Modular System

Founder: Saksham Solanki

AIMS intends to solve the problem of locust infestations that adversely affect farmers and their crop yield every year. This solution prevents locust attacks without purporting any additional costs to the farmer.


Founder: Kripalsingh Jadeja, Sumit Kamdar

Anti Glare Light sharpens the user's sight perception when driving in dusk/dawn. The special light sensors system ensures a glare-free traffic view when driving at night, & sensitizes the eye to disturbing light effects.

Artificial Intelligent Irrigation System

Founder: Dharmeshkumar Solanki

Competition for water resources is expected to increase in the future, with particular pressure on agriculture. AIIS is incorporated keeping the those arising needs in mind and aims to maximize “consumptive water use”.

Bar Spacing and Diameter Counter

Founder: Gaurav Pawar

Keeping in mind the needs of construction site workers, the startup provides modified tools for measuring stirrups bar spacing distance, bar diameter measurement, and distance measurements.


Founder: Diptanshu Malviya

Batset has innovated a new system of battery arrangement through addition of new components that enables batteries to charge more rapidly as compared to existing arrangements.

Companion Forever

Founder: Jahnvi Gupta

Companion Forever is a Dog Walking business, facilitated with well equipped individuals who are professional and have complete knowledge about the needs of client's pet, and also have a pet insurance.

Dames Education

Founder: Dhruvil Mehta

It is an offline/online Teacher Training & Tutoring Platform where teachers can teach from their classes/visit a student's home but using technology-laced curriculum, course material, lectures, payment system, etc.

Digitalisation of Patient formalities

Founder: Patel Nidhi

The startup is working on a methodology for digitalisation of patient formalities and enable easy & secure patient registration, booking appointment, doctor allocation, e-medical records, e-prescription, online payment, etc.

DR Detect

Founder: Anuj Chandalia

The startup is developing a system to detect Diabetes Retinopathy in its early stages that can prevent a patient from losing their eyesight and helping the medical personnel in early detection.

Dronation Labs Private Limited

Founder: Chetan Reddy

Drone Nation is an end-to-end aerial solutions provider which integrates custom-built drone hardware and software technologies to provide complete and cost-effective solutions according to customer needs.


Founder: Dhirendra Vyas

DYNABrain helps unleash the Brain's Innate (Inborn) Skills, Talents, Abilities and strengths/weaknesses & provides an appropriate roadmap for professional & personal pursuits.

E-Vega Mobility Labs

Founder: Shubham Mishra

Vega Bikes is building a two-wheeled self-balancing, semi-automatic vehicle that helps in travel and transporting loads as well as people from one place to another.

Earth Tatva

Founder: Shashank Nimkar

Earth Tatva reduces mining of natural resources by up to 60% through recycling of fired ceramic waste and simultaneously reducing energy consumption. Essentially, doing more and better with less.


Founder: Amish Thaker

easilyDone provides a common platform to all the needs of residential & commercial societies. It helps one manage the nitty-gritty of a society online via its web & mobile app.


Founder: Sharad Patel

Electrike is working on an Electric Campus Vehicle designed and developed to solve the issue of campus mobility in large premises such as airports, railways, university campuses, industrial plants etc.


Founder: Aashita Khandelwal

A time management-cum-problem solving service for designers, Fabriculture provides its clients numerous fabric options of varying quality at wholesale price rate, besides online inventory and supply-stock management.

FunExpedia (Chal Kabira)

Founder: Rahul Panch

FunExpedia offers world’s most spectacular classrooms to impart leadership, outdoor skills and environmental ethics through learning-based trips to the Himalayas.

Formulation, Characterization and Validation of novel Antimicrobial disinfectant

Founder: Lipi Poojara

The startup is addressing a water purification method and device, particularly addressing removal or killing of waterborne microorganisms that are responsible for deadly diseases.

Fluvina Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mahesh Chopra

Fluvina Tech is a pure play patient engagement and behavior change company that enables better communication, gamification, education, counseling and monitoring compliance through a smart device.

G.E.L.E (Galactus Enhanced Learning Environment)

Founder: Darsh Bhatt

G.E.L.E. focuses on providing a platform for rapid educational growth using virtual reality and intends to create interactive and intuitive study modules, with the content driven by a panel of Subject matter experts.


Founder: Mihir Pandya

GeoSafe is an end-to-end GPS solution for enterprises, and also develops customised GPS software to suit their clients' needs.

Growing People

Founder: Minakshi Kotwani

Growing people employs a proprietary process of candidate allocation to recruiters depending on their skills, qualities and passion for the perfect position. It focuses on startups and companies that aim to scale fast.

Hello Skate Mobility

Founder: Rutvij Dasadia

Hello Skate features IoT-enabled Electric Kick Scooters, available for Individuals and Businesses on a rental basis and can be accessed through a mobile application.

Hobby in a Box

Founder: Manveen Kaur

Hobby in a Box consists of a plethora of activities and serves as a digital platform for creative micro-preneurs via DIY workshop, DIY subscription boxes and online classes.


Founder: Vaibhav Jain

Hubilo's all-in-one Event Management Software takes the hassle out of event management with its end-to-end event software, that sports features like create websites, organize ticketing & registrations, etc.

i-Sure immunostrip

Founder: Alok Pandya

i-SURE enables effective time-to-treatment initiation and improve health outcomes for primary care patients, & has developed a new assay for highly sensitive H-FABP detection.

IEIDidactics LLP

Founder: Dhruv Ramaiya

IEI Didactics was started as a freelancing firm to impart life skill education to students using activity-based training programs, activity kits and membership programs.

Improved Cigarette

Founder: Bimal Patel

Improved cigarette consists of an adsorbent which adsorbs more than 90% Tar & Nicotine from smoke intake of users, & is made keeping in mind people who want to quit cigarettes or wish to cut down on their Tar/Nicotine intake.

Innovative Cancer Care & Rehabilitation Private Limited


I Can Care focussed on developing and commercializing healthcare and cancer-related products for patients and establishing tobacco wellness centres by providing cost-effective counselling and screening services.

Insitu Farming

Founder: Anjali Garg

The startup focuses on Soil less-Water less farming, Plant Tissue culture based finished products, Micro-Virology farming with products in multi factorial areas(beauty/food products).


Founder: Rahul Rathod

Interperso is a platform to improve the communication, presentations and interview skills of its users by enabling them to practise in a life like VR environment while receiving real time feedback.

Konect Health

Founder: Dr Hiren Kaswala

Konect Health is an online health service platform that empowers individuals with better health and disease management facilities.


Founder: Joji Varghese

Legiticheck is building world`s first patent-filed nonfraudulent system to secure academic credentials with its unique hardware tag that will enable to create Authentic, Verifiable, Immutable &Trackable academic credentials.

Medker Generic Medicine POB ( Point of Booking)

Founder: Ruchi Hathi

The startup aims to digitise and expedite an online medicine booking hub that allows customers, especially those with ailments that require routine medication, a hassle-free medicine delivery service.

Migraine Band: A quick relief!

Founder: Drashti Bhavsar

Migraine Band relieves one from the daily troublesome migraine attacks by using a variety of herbal drug mixtures like ginger, nutmeg, butter bur, valerian, caffeine, etc. to relieve the pain.

Mueble : Try Before You Buy

Founder: Darshan Jethwani

Mueble is an E-Commerce application specifically built for the furniture segment. While users can only see pictures on E-Commerce websites, Mueble uses AR & computer vision for better product visualization & user experience.


Founder: Vikram Parekh

Multplyr is a sourcing and productivity tool that uses intelligent discovery and matching to connect recruiters with relevant talent.

Null Innovation Private Limited

Founder: Janak Patel

Null Innovation is developing comprehensive service solution software to solve real time IoT problems. It consists of a team of experienced engineers, researchers & enthusiasts together defining the new age IoT platform.


Founder: Yash Patel

Odo is an all-in-delivery application that fetches/delivers everything thats available locally & legally - 24/7


Founder: Suhani Parekh

The startup is working on the lines of fungal bio-degradation of low-density polythene to eliminate the problem of polythene posing garbage management issues.


Founder: Manan Thakkar

Proctor aims to help schoolgoing children by counselling them, & not just assists kids, but also their parents by availing them with the correct knowledge and guidance, and best service.

Renovate Earth

Founder: Prasant kumar

Renovate Earth focuses on potential use of different kinds of Microbes that colonize and adhere to rhizosphere, stimulate growth and increase tolerance to abiotic stress caused due to different pollutants.


Founder: Chaitanya Bhamidipaty

Roastea is a beverage partner that endeavours to serve fresh cups of coffee and tea at corporate doorsteps, with the beverages made of fresh supplies and free from preservatives and additives.

Royal Gabat Food Science and Technology LLP

Founder: Raj Shah

Incorporated with the vision of making tasty and healthy food items, RGFST LLP is creating sustainable farm-to-fork value chains using medicinally beneficial plants and herbs.

Runflat system

Founder: Nirav Panchal

Runflat system is a polymer device fitted on wheel rims. It adds mobility to a vehicle in case of terrain or ballistic related tyre damage.


Founder: Pritesh Panchal

SAFEPLATE designs number plates for vehicles, the design not only avoids damage but also enhances the look of the vehicle.

Founder: Ishan Shah aggregates over 150,000 verified solitaires to offer a wide choice and fully customized ring settings - once an order is received, it custom-makes the jewellery, thereby holding no inventory.


Founder: Dr. Megha Bhatt

SciTech's main aim is to expose kids to Experiential Learning and develop a scientific temperament and aptitude in all schoolgoing children upto grade 8 by different languages of learning.


Founder: Bhavini Vaghela

The startup is developing a biofilm made of bacteria-resistant & absorbent bacteria, which is a metal & pesticide-resistant bacterial biofilm for water and soil treatment in the surrounding industrial area of Ahmedabad.

Shreeji Automation

Founder: Jayrajsinh Vijaysinh Parmar

The product is an automatic hand sanitiser specifically designed for a contact-less function.



SirahErgo is an orthosis consisting of audio biofeedback that can be used for preventing as well as correcting forward head posture and rounded shoulder.

Smart Kaarobaar

Founder: Mukul Sachan

Kaarobaar is a neo-banking application which helps MSME/small business owners aggregate book-keeping, payments, marketing communication with customers, access to financial products like loans, insurance, etc. at one place.


Founder: Aayush Doshi

Socius is a platform with features like Facebook and Udemy blended together, and amalgamates the disciplines of social life and academia together to facilitate learning in students in innovative ways.

Solving problems in the field of Cancer biology

Founder: Neel Shukla

The startup aims to solve a variety of problems in the field of cancer biology with the help of computational algorithms in artificial intelligence and data science.


Founder: Jay Desai

Sperotel is an all-in-one chat app for teams & friends. It keeps conversations in control, safe from data-mining & ads, allowing users to talk through a global Matrix network protected by proper end-to-end encryption.


Founder: Devansh Rana

Techinquiri is a social start-up aiming to provide a platform for school and college students to learn and teach beyond academics, empowering them with skills and knowledge to become more resourceful.


Founder: Harshil Pujara

UMMEED is an agri-based startup aimed at directly linking organic farmers to consumers to ensure better pay for farmers and healthy, chemical free produce for consumers at the right price.

Using of Steam (Vapor Heat) for sanitization and cleaning of vehicles and also provide door to door service using an Electrical Wagon

Bhavin Bhabhor

The startup manufactures Steam Machines used for vehicle cleaning and allows customers to book a doorstep car wash service through an app, minimising water usage by 135 litres when compared to normal car wash.

vCura Wellness Solutions (P) Ltd

Founder: Dhiraj Sharma

vCura Wellness is into Holistic Child well-being with focus on Physical, Emotional and Social aspects. It provides assessments that enable early identification of Emotional and Mental Issues.

Waste eater

Founder: Khushi Thakkar

Waste Eater a machine which detects waste, and collects it. Inside it is an AI-powered bifurcation system which separates waste and ends up making useful things out of it by recycling it.

WooHoo Screens

Founder: Surbhi Saxena

WooHoo Screens provides OOH space for Video Advertisement. It covers 90+ high footfall locations, enabling an ad to reach 3 Crore+ people on daily basis.


Founder: Rumit Patel

WorkStuff is a B2B e-commerce omni channel company, assisting corporates to automate and source their office assets and consumables and helping them switch to greener products and reduce their carbon footprints.

Wrist Exerciser

Founder: Pragnesh Patel

Made up of iron, Wrist Exerciser is used to perform wrist exercises and can be effectively utilised for treating Colle's fracturre, median and ulnar nerve injuries, as well as proximal forearm injuries.


Founder: Rohit Chopra

Zifcare aims to empower patients to manage their own health by creating an online resource of medical information available in English and Indic languages.