Startups at GUSEC:

/ Startups at GUSEC

Over 100 startups and innovations are presently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). The following are some of our incubatees:

Advit Theranostix

Founder: Kamlesh Patel

Advait Theranostix is developing molecular diagnostics assay, for major diseases and disorders for technologies like real time PCR, next generation technology and micrroarray which would be cost-effective.

Aparam Edutech LLP

Founder: Umang Shah

Aparam Edutech LLP is trying to break through the content-barrier, language-barrier, location-barrier & feedback-barrier through Ed-tech solutions which enhances the knowledge quotient for candidates seeking to break the competitive examinations and in turn increase the quality of tomorrow’s workforce & public services professionals.


Founder: Shubham Jain

BrainItOn! brings fun into learning through a smart-class product for schools.


Founder: Pankaj Bhimani

CampusYaari is into merchandising solutions and at the core, its team has developed a one-of-its-kind drop-ship model for merchadise.

COPD Treatment Evaluator

Founder: Siddhi Vora

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is an incurable but preventable disease. The startup is developing a device, spirometer which measures respiratory parameters which would suggest treatment like smoking cessation, vaccination, pharmacological treatment, non-pharmacological treatment and oxygen therapy.


Founder: Hitarth Parikh

DOTcam is making world’s fastest scanning and most accurate app which would capture the photo of the notebook page without clicking the button and finishing the perfect image.

Embedded Analytics

Founder: Arjun Bhasin

Embedded Analytics provides technical consultancy in the domain of embedded electronics, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Episodic Labs

Founder: Raja K

Episodic Labs is building its first revolutionary sensor-enabled product, BEMRR, that will change how professional cricketers train and practice.

E-Vega Mobility Labs

Founder: Shubham Mishra

E-Vega is a R&D firm into building technologically smart indigenous electric bikes without compromising the cost and accessibility constraints. After wheel, they are ready to create revolution with two wheels beating the dinosaurs & their residues for energy dependency.


Founder: Bhanu Gurram

Finception is all about simplifying information on stocks and stock markets that will help in boosting retail participation and offers unbiased and well-researched analysis on companies without any recommendations of buy/sell.


Founder: Rahul Panch

FunExpedia offers world’s most spectacular classrooms to impart leadership, outdoor skills and environmental ethics through learning-based trips to the Himalayas.


Founder: Mihir Pandya

GeoSafe is a GPS sensor based platform for vehicle and location tracking and monitoring with deep analytics from driver behaviour to fuel analytics.

Happy Rolls

Founder: Archit Patel

Happy Rolls is a healthy Indian fast food brand, serving traditional roti sabzi in a modern way, combining traditional Indian ingredients with modern international cuisine.


Founder: Piyush Yadav

Idoor designs an app powered smart lock and door bell with face recognition and door assistance.

Konect Health

Founder: Dr Hiren Kaswala

Konect Health is an online health platform that empowers individuals with better health and disease management.

ONOB- Kitchen Automation

Founder: Aditya Bhatt

ONOB is a device which aims to automate the process of controlling gas stove’s knob to make cooking safe and easy. The mobile application would get cooking instructions from a variety of cuisines as well as customize cooking with timers, heat control from anywhere in the house and safety alerts for gas leakage or increase in carbon monoxide.


Founder: Ishan Lakhwani

Rapidcode is working in the field of providing healthy meals through vending machines.

Raw Power

Founder: Neel Shah

Raw Power aims to provide necessary nutrition daily to urban professionals by providing them a healthy diet.

Royal Gabat Food Science and Technology LLP

Founder: Raj Shah

Royal Gabat Food Science & Technology LLP has been incorporated with vision of making tasty and healthy food items, creating sustainable farm to fork value chains for medicinally beneficial plants and herbs.

Run Flat System

Founder: Nirav Panchal

Runflat system is a polymer device fitted on wheels rim which adds mobility to a vehicle in case of terrain or ballistic related tyre damage.


Founder: Dr Megha Bhatt

SciKnowTech brings experiential learning to India’s kids through a variety of modules enabling incorporating a creative as well as a analytical curriculum for students.


Founder: Nimish Lalwani

Tastifai is an innovative food search app. The app uses AI and big data to reinvent the entire food searching ritual.


Founder: Rohit Chopra

Zifcare aims to empower patients to manage their own health by creating an online resource for medical information available in english and indic languages.