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Over 100 startups and innovations are presently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). The following are some of our incubatees:

2LC Technologies

Founder: Manan Modi

The startup has developed an HR Tech product that enables candidates to assess their career probability and allows the HR Department to manage their recruitments and offers more efficiently.

3D printing in pharmacy

Founder: Bhumika J Limbachiya

The startup's novel innovation involves 3D printing in pharmacy.

Aashray Architecture Solutions

Founder: Sanjay Bambhaniya

The startup offers better, high tenacity architectural fabric coated with PUU polymers.

AgriDigi Tech (OPC) Private Limited

Founder: Naima Shaikh is an Agriculture Portal which is a unified network of farmers, Agri-input, Agri Experts, Agri Students and Agri Bazaar under single roof.


Founder: Aman Sa

AIris analyzes real-time footage from a camera source to monitor and derive valuable insights, and this augments a proactive environment that is safer and data-driven.

Albero Biz

Founder: Venkata Subramanyan

The startup is a B2B transaction platform focussing on exports and plans to create opportunity for SME's in India to Exports to US, Canada, UK, EU and Japan

Alpha Minds

Founder: Vasim Sisgar

Alpha Minds is a company specialising in designing and manufacturing of Toys for kids with special needs.


Founder: Kripalsingh Jadeja, Sumit Kamdar

Anti Glare Light sharpens the user's sight perception when driving in dusk/dawn. The special light sensors system ensures a glare-free traffic view when driving at night, & sensitizes the eye to disturbing light effects.

Apna Salon

Founder: Amish Sura

The startup aims to assist Small & Medium salons find comprehensive new customers and retaining old customers, among other things.


Founder: Rohan Patel

Ariso is building a transparency and insight-driven platform (called 'Meal Intelligence') that helps people make intelligent, healthy and tasty food related decisions

Artificial Intelligent Irrigation System

Founder: Dharmeshkumar Solanki

Competition for water resources is expected to increase in the future, with particular pressure on agriculture. AIIS is incorporated keeping the those arising needs in mind and aims to maximize “consumptive water use”.

Bee Nation

Founder: Meet Joshi

The startup is an IoT based company that works with hi-tech beehives. These hives feature a thermally stable design and implanted sensors that also offer end-to-end digital traceability and quality assurance.

biodegradable inirritable gloves

Founder: Akshat Kulshreshtha

"The startup is working on an eco-friendly glove specially designed for long-term use and has a sanitising system fitted inside.


Founder: Hemesh Chadalavada

The startup is an agency working to build a SaaS that helps content creators on YouTube redistribute their content on various social media platforms easily with the click of a button.

Digitalisation of Patient formalities

Founder: Patel Nidhi

The startup is working on a methodology for digitalisation of patient formalities and enable easy & secure patient registration, booking appointment, doctor allocation, e-medical records, e-prescription, online payment, etc.


Founder: Mayur Kanabar

Doctors@Doorstep started a new concept of availing all medical services like a hospital at home including Doctors, Blood Investigation, Diagnosis, Ambulance, Paramedical Staff, ICU at Home.

DR Detect

Founder: Anuj Chandalia

The startup is developing a system to detect Diabetes Retinopathy in its early stages that can prevent a patient from losing their eyesight and helping the medical personnel in early detection.

Driver Bandhu

Founder: Divyang Adawadkar

Driver Bandhu provides complete social security solutions to all types of professional drivers and end-to-end business solutions for the transport/logistic enterprises.


Founder: Dhirendra Vyas

DYNABrain helps unleash the Brain's Innate (Inborn) Skills, Talents, Abilities and strengths/weaknesses & provides an appropriate roadmap for professional & personal pursuits.

E-Vega Mobility Labs

Founder: Shubham Mishra

Vega Bikes is building a two-wheeled self-balancing, semi-automatic vehicle that helps in travel and transporting loads as well as people from one place to another.

Eco Terra

Founder: Dinta Vaghasiya

Indiapack intends to make a renewable and biodegradable packaging material and eliminate the use of Polystyrene

Earth Tatva

Founder: Shashank Nimkar

Earth Tatva reduces mining of natural resources by up to 60% through recycling of fired ceramic waste and simultaneously reducing energy consumption. Essentially, doing more and better with less.


Founder: Sharad Patel

Electrike is working on an Electric Campus Vehicle designed and developed to solve the issue of campus mobility in large premises such as airports, railways, university campuses, industrial plants etc.

Edith Healthcare

Founder: Shubham Shah

The startup is a research & development company solving real world problems with Applied science & industry4.0 techno solutions, dealing with Robotics & Automation Solutions, Mechanical Design & Fabrication and Prototyping Services [ 3d printing, PCB Design, Code ]

Fashion with Augmented Reality - FAR

Founder: Thakkar Vishal

FAR allows users to try outfits at stores virtually through their app.


Founder: Maulesh Parikh

The startup manufactures a mechanical barrier device for medically incorporated instruments


Founder: Abhay Kumar Das

Food-Mate is an idea that aims to prevent food wastage by enabling users to donate surplus food. It also facilitates the use of spoilt food for making organic fertilizer.

FunExpedia (Chal Kabira)

Founder: Rahul Panch

FunExpedia offers world’s most spectacular classrooms to impart leadership, outdoor skills and environmental ethics through learning-based trips to the Himalayas.

Glute Activity Device

Founder: Ved Shah

This device exercises the hip flexors while the user does their routine work, preventing them from having to spare extra time for exercising

Green Energyz

Founder: Devansh Agarwal

The startup undertakes projects for Railway Electrification for Solar Power Plants, OHE lines, ESS, Platform Street Lighting, etc.


Founder: Rinkesh Patel

Groseva is an online grocery app that aims to bring down its users' monthly household expenses by introducing them to local high quality brands.

Hello Skate Mobility

Founder: Rutvij Dasadia

Hello Skate features IoT-enabled Electric Kick Scooters, available for Individuals and Businesses on a rental basis and can be accessed through a mobile application.

Hostel Basera Services LLP

Founder: Malhar Thakker

Hostelbasera is an online platform dedicated to searching co-accommodation facilities, one can seek all the details like photos, location, features, prices, sharing options and more.

IEIDidactics LLP

Founder: Dhruv Ramaiya

IEI Didactics was started as a freelancing firm to impart life skill education to students using activity-based training programs, activity kits and membership programs.

Igiene Achqua

Founder: Lipi Poojara

The startup is addressing a water purification method and device, particularly the removal or killing of waterborne microorganisms that are responsible for deadly diseases.

Insitu Farming

Founder: Anjali Garg

The startup focuses on Soil less-Water less farming, Plant Tissue culture based finished products, Micro-Virology farming with products in multi factorial areas(beauty/food products).


Founder: Siddh Rathod

The startup’s idea is to make a personal assistant and reduce the amount of daily work everybody has to do and lower the accompanying stress.

Jap Herbals

Founder: Alap Adeshara

Jap Herbals envisions to bring the best from the ancient Indian Wisdom and Knowledge of herbs for the benefits of large population

Jyotech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Founder: Jyot Bhagat

CNC Machine is a subtractive manufacturing process that typically employs computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece (a blank/workpiece) and produces a custom-designed part.


Founder: Krishna Ojha

Kasper Tech is an Urban Automation Startup founded by a team of four passionate engineers who create smart services for homes, offices and automobiles.


Founder: Dev Shah

KnitSmart is a smart knitting solution that monitors the fabric being manufactured in real time and stops the machine if any abnormality is observed.

Learn and Empower Pvt. Ltd.

Founder: Chopra Amanpreet Singh Harjeet Singh

The startup has developed India's first affordable, easy to use, interactive game-based teaching/learning platform for deaf children that enables them to learn, master and visualise academic concepts faster.

Mask Detection System

Founder: Darsh Shaan Dudhia

The Mask Detection System is an AI-based web application software for detecting those who avoid using masks. It is compatible with a wide variety of cameras for video capture, and it uses Machine Learning for model training.

Medguru Digital Learning LLP

Founder: Trishala Punjabi

Medguru is tailored as a one stop solution for MBBS woes and addresses the lack of resources available for students in the medical field.

Monarch Aerospace

Founder: Arya Rawal

The startup is working on two main projects that comprise Blue Dwarf, a rocket that if successful, can cross 100 km, making it India’s first student company and the world’s youngest group to launch a rocket in space.


Founder: Vikram Parekh

Multplyr is a sourcing and productivity tool that uses intelligent discovery and matching to connect recruiters with relevant talent.

Nature Redefine Lifestyle

Founder: Shobhan Pandya

Ktein Cosmetics is a keen startup for clean and natural haircare products that are unique and biotechnically customized easy to use and budget friendly and also free of alcohol and other harmful chemicals


Founder: Maharsh Shah

NeoFanTasy is blockchain based Online fantasy gaming platform where rewards will be an asset for the user in form of NFT's.


Founder: Shimoli Pandya

Smartpops is a non-intrusive, interactive content marketing tool that helps small businesses quickly optimize their websites to improve their conversion rate and get instant, targeted feedback on their content.

OHA Akademy

Founder: Umang Shah

Aparam Edutech LLP is trying to break through the barriers of content, language, location & feedback through Ed-tech solutions to help candidates seeking to crack competitive examinations.

Panipuri machine

Founder: Aarth Joshi

The startup's new patent pending innovation aims to increase hygiene levels while increasing productivity and speed of making panipuri, and eliminating diseases arising out of ill-maintenance of hygiene.


Founder: Mukesh Pareek

Orphicy is a live coaching education company catering to classes 5-12 and has developed a highly-engaging Flipped Learning Pedagogy.


Founder: Yug Patel

Pentagon aims to use an induction motor and the aluminium alloy 6601/7 series to prolong the life of the motor and building lightweight, sturdy electric cycles.


Founder: Parth Chandresh Agrawal

Player connects people on the basis of the sports they play and also allows them to book the nearest ground/turf with offers on every booking.

Plutomen Technologies Private Limited

Founder: Keyur Bhalavat

Plutomen is an SaaS based XR platform for Industrial Enterprises, that enhances frontline capabilities & capacities through self-assisting 3D interactive resources, digitized workflow & SOPs, and remote collaboration with experts.

Point of Care Diagnostic Kit

Founder: Prof. Hitesh D. Patel

The startup is developing diagnostic kits for pathological labs (both private and government) for the diagnosis of various forms of tuberculosis (TB/MDR-TB/TDR-TB).

Proxy Gyan

Founder: Kiratsinh Jadeja

"""Offering AI Solution driven by User-Generated IP
to aide Civil Services Aspirants in their Self-Studies."""


Founder: Aryan s. sojitra

The startup is making a low-cost portable fresh air supplier that can be used in PPE kits, masks, as well as face shields.


Founder: Hardik Snehal Kapadia

Pureyarns employs unique properties found in Natural Banana Fibres obtained from Banana Plant stems to make Yarns and fabrics with distinctive properties like UV Resistance, Flame/Pest resistance, Radiation absorption etc.


Founder: Krishna Bansal

Rakshik is an innovative wearable gear that could protect doctors and other healthcare personnel from Covid-19 effectively.

Quixote Automotive Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Akshay Gupta

Quixote builds end-to-end Connected Car technology and provides vehicle commerce engine layer to ease the consumer's day to day vehicle ownership journey.

Refreshing Anti-Bacterial PPE Kit

Founder: Kushal Miteshbhai Radia

This PPE kit can shield doctors and other healthcare personnel from bacteria and viruses. Being made of sweat-absorbent material, it keeps the body cool and can be worn comfortably for long hours.


Founder: Chaitanya Bhamidipaty

Roastea is a beverage partner that endeavours to serve fresh cups of coffee and tea at corporate doorsteps, with the beverages made of fresh supplies and free from preservatives and additives.


Founder: Ashwini Vitthal Janjire

Rubiz is a SaaS product that assists cooperative credit societies in conducting their operations like loans, deposits, complaints, accounts management, payments, and more.


Founder: Satya Mehta

RoomPe allows users to understand the community, amenities, residences and technologies surrounding hostels, paying guests, coliving or other student accommodation.


Founder: Mrudangi Thakker

Shaadimuhurt is not only a matrimony platform but providing 360 degree solution starting from finding a life partner to your honeymoon. At Shaadimuhurt, we provide matrimonial service as well as we help you to fulfill your dream wedding into reality in your budget at one place only.


Founder: Abhishek Pandya

Scinoculars aims to help school students (Initially from standards 6-10) gain practical knowledge to implement theoretical knowledge in life.


Founder: Aryavarta Singh

The startup’s idea is a self-charging smart shoe for visually impaired people, to assist them in walking without the need of any other support, and help them become independent.

Smart Compact Mobile controlled tractor (SCMCT)

Founder: kushagra pant

The Smart Compact Mobile Controlled Tractor is a solution that can help farmers in hilly areas and those needing financial and physical help for farm work. The solution will use AI-based technology and will also benefit the environment.

Shreeji Automation

Founder: Jayrajsinh Vijaysinh Parmar

The product is an automatic hand sanitiser specifically designed for a contact-less function.

Solar Tracking System

Founder: Shashank Pai Ballambhatt

The startup wants to reduce human reliance on fossil fuels for energy and help build a greener world for future generations through the innovative use of solar energy by installing solar panels that move in tandem with the sun’s movement.

Smarty Chef

Founder: Bhagirath Patadia

The technology deals in Automated Cooking and provides solutions to manual cooking, enhances recipes and transforms cooking.


Founder: Jay Desai

Sperotel is an all-in-one chat app for teams & friends. It keeps conversations in control, safe from data-mining & ads, allowing users to talk through a global Matrix network protected by proper end-to-end encryption.

Solving problems in the field of Cancer biology

Founder: Neel Shukla

The startup aims to solve a variety of problems in the field of cancer biology with the help of computational algorithms in artificial intelligence and data science.

STAR Maths

Founder: Dhrumin Pandya

STAR Maths is the First and Only In India to Introduce SCAFFOLDING in Mathematics through their unique SEE TRY APPLY REVISE Approach.


Founder: Ruchi Joshi

Staffurs aims to bridge the gap between identifying the demand and supporting it with right data to hire eligible domestic staff

Supercubs International Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Vivek Sinhar

Supercubs is a Startup in the Early Years Education space that intends to create a robust platform and provide the tools and resources for empowering mothers and educators to provide the best education in the early childhood ( Foundation Years ) of the child.


Founder: Devansh Rana

Techinquiri is a social start-up aiming to provide a platform for school and college students to learn and teach beyond academics, empowering them with skills and knowledge to become more resourceful.


Founder: Shashvat Shah

TANS (Tasty Accessible Nutrition Support) aims to make nutrition accessible anytime & anywhere.

The Law Brigade Publisher

Founder: Rahul Ranjan

The Law Brigade Publisher is an academic publishing house engaged in the publication of open access genuine academic e-journals and repository service.

Terra Food Co

Founder: Sriram Nair

Terra Food Co is a food tech company, expanding with cloud kitchens with 6 different brands & 15 different cuisines.

The Silicone tree

Founder: Neelam Namdeo

The startup aims to make silicone covers for prosthetics used for differently-abled people

Thing Finder

Founder: Aabhas Senapati

Thing Finder is a device that can be used by common people and people suffering from Alzheimer to easily locate their most commonly-misplaced belongings like keys, wallet, etc.


Founder: Asif Mansuri

The startup focuses on reducing the operation cost of an Aluminum foundry to make them cutting edge and competitive locally and globally.

Towaso Private Limited

Founder: Saurabh Kumar

Towaso addresses the problem of source segregation from door to door collection and provides data-driven accountability for stakeholders


Founder: Vrushank Jani

UMMEED is an agri-based startup aimed at directly linking organic farmers to consumers to ensure better pay for farmers and healthy, chemical free produce for consumers at the right price.


Founder: Harshil Pujara

UMMEED is an agri-based startup aimed at directly linking organic farmers to consumers to ensure better pay for farmers and healthy, chemical free produce for consumers at the right price.


Founder: Raj Gohil

Viaduct's device uses an ARM processor and peripherals fixed inside a computer mouse which can screen remotely.


Founder: Vipul Govindbhai Patel

"Wheelectric is making a self-charging Electric vehicle kit which can be added externally to any vehicle on wheel hub to make it run on electric source.
It consists of a retrofit motor cum generator self charge capable on rotation electric kit."


Founder: Priyadharsini

Wetacre aims to help farmers of semi- arid regions and rainfed crops by trying to develop a prototype by incorporating the technology of Irrigation by Condensation.


Founder: Nirali Abhishek Joshi

Zuture is a smart ventilation solution that provides controlled fresh air ventilation with air purification & germicidal reduction. It compares indoor and outdoor air environment parameters such as Air quality, temperature, humidity to take best available air for purification.