Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” as Career Opportunity

About Event

GUSEC hosted a 1-day workshop for college students from Shanti Business School to build awareness about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and starting up, making it a career opportunity. Our team members took the session along with startup founders who also mentioned their startup journey. Further Mrs. Harsiddhi briefed students about how support is given to students by GUSEC and AIC GUSEC.


The objective of the workshop was to build awareness about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and starting up, guiding them to pursue startups as a career option by exploring the incubation facilities available on the campus.

Venue: Central Auditorium, Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad


Activities performed:

In the workshop, the speaker shared information about the basics of entrepreneurship, startups and how they pursue their startup journey, what are the phases of a startup, challenges they have faced and how are they managing the startup. The speaker also shares how a startup works and the facilities available for the students on the campus as incubation centers. Then in the later half, the teams performed some ideation activities where the team identified problems and they came up with innovative solutions.


The outcome of this workshop is to spread knowledge about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem and show how to take startup as a career option for students while studying. Also, orient the students about entrepreneurship and startup, how they work, and how they can pursue the same.