Jajal Medicals is Revolutionising Surgeries, making Normality a reality for patients

Jajal Medicals is Revolutionising Surgeries, making Normality a reality for patients

The Vadodara-based startup makes anatomically-accurate 3D surgical implants 

Giving intricate & tedious surgeries a technological makeover, Vadodara-based startup Jajal Medicals now makes it possible for patients to avail tailor-made surgical implants. Founder Ketan Jajal and Director (R&D) Ravikant Kamal help surgeons visualise patients’ deformities via 3D models using special image segmentation software and building customised implants.

Jajal Medicals is incubated at AIC GUSEC, an incubator for social impact startups, through which it leveraged exclusive networking opportunities and one-on-one mentorship support to scale up and create a bigger social impact. It is also a part of a 10-week Entrepreneurship Training Program organised by AIC GUSEC & Wadhwani Foundation that helps innovators understand the nuances of their startup operations.

“Traditionally, surgeons use CT scans to calculate the exact damage and try to figure out ways to fix it. CT scans are 2D models that don’t really help, and sometimes, implants created based on the same don’t fit, causing doctors to abort the surgery mid-way and close the wound. Our 3D models and implants are constructed by radiology experts that assess the damage bone-by-bone and make aesthetic and symmetrical titanium replacements.” Ketan remarks.

“We always wanted to create a real impact in people’s lives. In the past two years, we’ve done head-to-toe surgeries for people. We all know how gutkha-chewing, a prominent cause of mouth cancer, leads to people losing normality in their lives. Our implants have helped people get their lives back on track.”

The startup has worked with about 40 doctors across India, Nepal and the United Kingdom, performing over 100 surgeries. Ketan talks about how traditional surgeries require a lot of trial and error, but enabling a 3D assessment of actual damage helps surgeons plan ahead, increasing the accuracy of the surgeries that helps avoid complications and infections and dramatically reduces the amount of time taken for each surgery.

Originally a biomedical engineer, Ketan realised the importance of design thinking and began experimenting with the medical applications of 3D printing during his masters. The startup pivoted to a service business after initially offering their services to niche surgeons. “We were able to establish goodwill solely based on our experience with surgeons and their word of mouth.”

Going forward, the startup aims to make porous implants possible. “The implants we make become a part of the patient’s body forever. Our vision is to make its functions natural”. Having worked alongside doctors for the past 20 years, Ketan understands the importance of pre-operative planning and founded the startup in an attempt to assist surgeons and improve the quality of surgeries.