Ideas selected under herSTART

More than 650 applications poured in for herSTART, out of which 120+ were selected for the bootcamp at Gujarat University. The following list of 35 ideas have been further selected for pre-incubation support at GUSEC. The list is in alphabetical order. The list of top 5 ideas is yet to be announced.

# Name Idea
1 Aishwarya Jain Agrimony Spiritual
2 Amisha Chavda Stitch Guru
3 Ankita Parmar Synthesis of Nano based sensor for on spot detection of CA 15 – 3 protein a biomarker for breast cancer
4 Bhavini Vaghela Metal and pesticide – resistance bacterial biofilms for water and soil treatment surrounding industrial area of ahmedabd
5 Bindi Patel Bioplastic
6 Disha Mehta Garbage Collector
7 Drashti Bhavsar Migraine Band: A quick relief!
8 Helsi Merulia Meraki
9 Isha Jain Pararth
10 Isha Panchal Bio Eva
11 Kanisha Shah Plasma (Helium, Argon, Nitrogen) based devices for Biomedical applications
12 Khushboo Bilandani Probakins
13 Kinjal Bhadresha Medical device for noninvasive risk stratification for Oral Cancer
14 Krina Vora Power generating tiles
15 Mansi Patel Nocturnal kick stopper
16 Manveen Kaur Hobby in a Box
17 Megha Das Amounee
18 Minali Bafna Healthy Coffee
19 Miral Thakker Floral Waste Valorisation: A Greener Approach towards Sustainability and Waste Management
20 Namrata Modha Bio-reactive Food expiry label
21 Nikita Lalan Greenbed Lifestyle- Relax in Heaven
22 Nikita Lalwani Cycling Cities
23 Nirali Patel Herb Choco Bridge
24 Nirali Patel Matii – Educational Services for Social Sensitivity
25 Nisha Sukhwani Brain tumour detection using deep learning/machine learning
26 Parin S Sidat Formulation of Herbal Tooth-tablet (Solid Mouthwash)
27 Pooja Trivedi Biobandages
28 Rehnuma I Sodawala Virtual Hand (For Operating Computer for Disabled Peoples)
29 Riddhi Patel Revenue-from-waste
30 Samriddhi Simlai The Carousel Co.
31 Sarika Chitrodiya Lower limb orthosis rehabilitation device
32 Sonal Jain Gifter.com – Pick your perfect gift
33 Tejashree Anchan Nirmisu
34 Vineeta Gadhavi Herbal Remedy For Diabetes
35 Yashvi Shah Joyous Beam Candles