Gujarat University triples startup support capacity

Gujarat University now houses the largest University startup support system in India

GUSEC will now operate from a 30,000 sq. ft. facility spread across two buildings

AHMEDABAD, NOVEMBER 16, 2017: The extension premises of Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) – the University’s body to promote and support entrepreneurship and innovation – was today inaugurated by Harkesh Mittal, the Advisor & Head of the National Entrepreneurship Board, Government of India.

Increasing the current area from 8,000 sq. ft. to 30,000 sq. ft., GUSEC will now be able to directly support over 300 entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as provide industry-grade fabrication facilities.

GUSEC currently offers support to over 55 startups which belong to several different sectors, out of which 22 have been commercialised from idea stage at GUSEC. 37 startups have been funded by GUSEC through CSR grants, whereas 4 others have been selected to receive seed funds through state government’s startup funds, for which GUSEC is a nodal disbursing body. Around 19 startups currently supported by GUSEC are product-only startups.

GUSEC provides zero-day, zero-cost support to startups via co-working infrastructure in the centre of Ahmedabad city, equipped with 1Gbps fibre internet line, as well access to University’s other infrastructural facilities such as classrooms, auditoriums, sports complex, library, etc. GUSEC’s support also includes on-demand mentorship through a well-established Mentor Board, patent support and access to networking and investor relations. GUSEC incubatees also get access to over $2000 in service credits through service provides such as Amazon, Intercom, etc.

The extension premises of GUSEC now includes the remodeled University Workshop which contains high-end fabrication and moulding equipment such as lathe machines, CNC machines, low-end and high-end 3D printers, glass blowing and metal moulding equipment, etc. alongside a newly constructed floor in the existing GUSEC premises.

“GUSEC, which is only 18 months old, has been growing rapidly and is now the largest startup support system in any University of the country. Supporting startups, entrepreneurs and innovators is a top priority for us alongside our academic and research advancements, and we are prepared to dynamically expand our operations at GUSEC. Our next step is to work with our 300+ affiliated colleges spread across Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to take our efforts and initiatives at the ground,” said Vice-Chancellor Himanshu Pandya.

“I can say with conviction that innovations and startups incubated at Gujarat University are surely the best and the most innovative ideas I have ever seen in any University across the country,” said Chief Guest Harkesh Mittal, after interacting with GUSEC’s incubated startups.

“GUSEC is the only zero-day, zero-cost startup support system and now the largest startup support system for any University in the country. The expansion of the premises will help us to further support more aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators from the University ecosystem and beyond as we take pivotal initiatives in the area of startup and innovation development at the pre-incubation stage,” said Rahul Bhagchandani, Acting CEO of GUSEC.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by incubated startup founders, startup ecosystem stakeholders, University faculty and officers.

(Check out a PDF version of the Press Release here)