Understanding GUSEC In 8 Points

The “Gujarat University Startups & Entrepreneurs Council” is a Gujarat University body to support student entrepreneurs and student startups of Gujarat University, while promoting and building a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst Gujarat University students.
The following points briefly explain the need and roles of GUSEC:

  1. Gujarat University has decided to formally establish the Gujarat University Startups & Entrepreneurs Council (GUSEC) – a body dedicated to bring in much needed reforms and policies to support GU startups and entrepreneurs.
  2. After personal discussions with several external stakeholders, Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University has realised the need for a co-working space at the University.
  3. Dr. Patel has also decided to sanction a budget of Rs. 20 lakh for kicking off the operations to build the co-working space at GU Campus.
  4. The university has already nominated a nodal faculty for looking after the operations of GUSEC.
  5. On July 13, 2015, Dr. Patel personally wrote a letter to principals of all GU affiliated colleges sharing his views about the need of entrepreneurship and startup related reforms in education, as well as asking the principals to a) appoint a GUSEC faculty coordinator and b) provide information about present and past student entrepreneurs of each particular institute.
  6. Earlier in July, in a press conference, the Vice-Chancellor had shared his plans to bring in such reforms. After media reports of the same, the Vice-Chancellor’s office alone has received over a dozen calls by interested GU entrepreneurs, seeking information about getting enrolled in the co-working space.
  7. The University is also building a network of entrepreneurs of GU students and alumni and bring them together for an interaction session with the Vice-Chancellor and the members of GUSEC operations committee.
  8. The Vice-Chancellor has also shown his wish to request the Government of Gujarat to make Gujarat University as one of the nodal agencies to implement Gujarat government’s Startup Assistance Scheme in order to make it convenient for GU students to get benefits of the said scheme.