Vice-Chancellor Writes A Letter To All GU Principals Regarding GUSEC

On July 13, 2015, Dr. MN Patel, Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University, wrote the following letter to principals of all Gujarat University-affiliated institutes regarding GUSEC. A copy of this letter was also delivered to all heads of Gujarat University departments on July 12, 2015.
Subject: Urgent information required for “Gujarat University Startups & Entrepreneurs Council” (GUSEC).
Dear principals,
The state of Gujarat has always been known for its entrepreneurship spirit and culture. Off late, we have seen many students who have started businesses and enterprises and have been able to cultivate brands, while studying in colleges.
Today, India needs more than 10 lakh jobs per month, but during the last financial year of 2014-15, the country made less than 5.5 lakh jobs. This is the time when we need to encourage our students to become job creators and not job seekers.
After having numerous discussions with entrepreneurs, policymakers, government officials, and several other stakeholders about the need to support our student entrepreneurs and startups, I am pleased to share with you that we are now formally setting up the ‘Gujarat University Startups & Entrepreneurs Council’ (GUSEC), a university body that will ensure student startups and entrepreneurs of Gujarat University are provided adequate and all-round support from the university
However, the inputs of the University are not enough if we are to provide equal and fair opportunities to all our students. Cooperation and inputs of your institute is also a must. In that regard, I ask you to do the following at an urgent basis:

  1. Provide a list of present or past (last three years} students from your institute who are pursuing some business or entrepreneurship Endeavour of their own. This includes entrepreneurs who are building a product-company, a service-company, a brand, or a product or process that the student wishes to patent. This list must contain the name of the student, the name of the student’s business, email address and contact number.
  2. Appoint a “GUSEC Faculty Coordinator” from your institute and furnish their name, designation, phone number and email address. The Coordinator must be a member of your institute’s faculty, have a zeal for entrepreneurship and innovation, and s/he will be the point of contact for GUSEC-related activities at your institute.

I request you to provide the above-mentioned information before the end of Thursday, July 18, 2015.
You may send the information via email to <masked-email>@gusec.org. Please be sure to mention your college name in the email. More information about GUSEC can be found at www.gusec.org.
Thanking you,
Dr. MN Patel